“It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck. Do better.”

– Andy Wooten

Welcome to Cloud Clearing

Recovery Coaching for Marijuana Addiction

Do you feel as though life is simply passing your son or daughter by? You’ve tried everything you can think of and nothing works. They’re stuck in a rut and staying the same is no longer an option. Social media and countless google searches might tell you marijuana addiction is a myth, it’s just a phase or even ‘harmless’, I can tell you first hand that it’s real, very real – and if you’re here reading this, you’ve seen it first hand too. It’s time to get help, it’s time to pull out of it!

Enough of the gloom, the great news is I can help! I’m Jude, a life coach that specialises in working with parents and their kids in working towards quitting the grass for good, regardless of their motivation (or lack of) to quit! So if enough is enough, reach out – let’s get in touch!

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Coaching for Parents & Teens

Imagine your household, calmer and less stressful. You feel closer and more connected with your child, the relationship has improved and you’re actually communicating. Unfortunatley for many Australian families this feels like a pipe-dream. But it's closer than you think and you're in no better place! Your daughter or son will experience more joy, laughter, self-acceptance and you will feel loved and respected by your teen.

Spotlight on Successes

One-on-one, private and tailored coaching is one of the fastest, most supportive and effective ways for you and your teen to make a real, lasting change. Our goal is to support, encourage and walk beside you both and to do this in a way that fits in with your strengths and values. You've already taken the first step to helping them by being here - let's work together and sow the right kind of seeds!

Jude Leibel

Founder of Cloud Clearing

With a wealth of career and personal experience, including 15 years as a police officer in the frontline and corporate streams, you can envisage there isn’t much I haven't seen or experienced. Accidents, assaults, addiction and death. The emergency situations that everyone else turns and runs away, I was always the one running towards. That's me - That's who I am.

A 'Master Life Coach', Victoria Police Service Medal (for dilligent and ethical service), and even had a childrens book written about me! Seriously! I've seen families fall apart and I've supported many more back together again. I will inspire you to face the world head on, clear the clouds ahead and build a better future for you and your family.

“Jude started coaching my 18 year old son in September 2015, as he was regularly using marijuana and disconnected with life in general, following a marital split and change of home. The turnaround in his attitude so far has been fantastic as a result, and was the best Xmas present I’d ever received!

He’s quit marijuana and cigarettes and is now gradually thinking about education and employment. He is communicating again and engaging with family and friends.

Jude has worked wonders and I am extremely grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending Jude’s approach and confidence building abilities.”

Mark S.

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