Jude Leibel

Founder of Cloud Clearing

With a wealth of career and personal experience, including 15 years as a police officer in the frontline and corporate streams, you can envisage there isn’t much I haven’t seen or experienced. Accidents, assaults, addiction and death. The emergency situations that everyone else turns and runs away, I was always the one running towards. That’s me – That’s who I am.

A ‘Master Life Coach’, Victoria Police Service Medal (for diligent and ethical service), and even had a children’s book written about me! Seriously! I’ve seen families fall apart and I’ve supported many more back together again. I will inspire you to face the world head on, clear the clouds ahead and build a better future for you and your family.

Aside from coaching, I’m also a loving partner, the mother of two teenage boys, a youth mentor in secondary schools, favourite aunty, dog lover, shower thinker, off key singer and inspirational speaker.

I’m Melbourne based, however coaching via telephone or Skype is equally as life transformational.

Email or phone if you have questions or wish to discuss coaching further.

“This is my promise to you. I am your advocate, I want the best from you, I will work with you to help you reach your goals and to succeed. I will hold you accountable and challenge you to grow and do more than you think you can do. I may push, pull, and stretch you in ways that may feel uncomfortable. Unlike a friendship, the coaching relationship is unilateral – it is exclusively focused on you and your goals. I’m here solely to support, encourage and walk beside you.”

– Jude Leibel

The results that speak for themselves

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