Recovery Coaching for Marijuana Addiction

One-on-one coaching with a twist. Our 1 hour weekly sessions over a 6 month period will clear the cloud surrounding your child and re-invigorate their wisdom, intuition and ambition, learning to trust themselves again. So what makes my coaching different? Why would this work when everything else hasn’t? My approach is open, honest, heartfelt and tailored to your families needs as no two are the same.

“But what if my child simply doesn’t want to quit?” – Almost Everyone.

The decision to quit is all mindset, even when your child doesn’t really want to quit initially. I support you and your child in building solid foundations for this newly developed mindset, and again, walk beside you both as we build on and support each other towards a clearer, brighter future. There’s unlimited phone and email support for when we’re not together so you never feel alone.

Get In Touch!

Enough is enough, no more

  • Conflict between you and your son or daughter.
  • Lack of self-worth, doubt and hopelessness.
  • Excessive distance in your own relationship.
  • Destructive relationships that fuel the fire.
  • Addiction caused stress and anxiety.
  • Cycles of self-sabotage.

Instead, let’s have more

  • Positivity and excitement for the future.
  • Trust, confidence and ambition.
  • Effective study and work ethic.
  • Motivation and accountability.
  • Self-worth, love and respect.
  • Solid communication skills.

“Jude started coaching my 18 year old son in September 2015, as he was regularly using marijuana and disconnected with life in general, following a marital split and change of home. The turnaround in his attitude so far has been fantastic as a result, and was the best Xmas present I’d ever received!

He’s quit marijuana and cigarettes and is now gradually thinking about education and employment. He is communicating again and engaging with family and friends.

Jude has worked wonders and I am extremely grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending Jude’s approach and confidence building abilities.”

Mark S.

Sounds great, where do we start?

1 Let's touch base! We get in contact and have a chat over the phone. Fill me in with what's happening in your family and start setting the foundations to build our plan of action and get the wheels turning.

2 We've already chatted over the phone, but this time we'll meet in person! Let's head out, grab a coffee somewhere nearby, and start planning our approach to your child's recovery coaching.

3It's time for me to meet your child! We'll have a chat and begin cultivating new seeds from the get-go. You won't pay a cent until I've met with both you & your child and I know I can make a difference!