Inspiration, Education & Support for Schools

Aside from my one-on-one coaching, I also offer motivational and informative speaking in Melbourne and surrounding schools. A large part of marijuana use and addiction stems from their social group and schoolyard antics. My speaking services offer as the title suggests, inspiration, education and support for your school, your students, parents and even your teachers.

Tailored talks to inform & inspire your students of the risks to their education, employment and general health & wellbeing. Informative talks to parents and staff in detecting the early warning signs and what to do, where to go, how to approach the subject when suspecting their up to no good! Thorough education at such an influential time in your students’ lives is essential to avoiding marijuana and substance abuse in general.

Almost forgot to mention, they’re also rather entertaining (I may be biased)! Get in touch today to chat further about my speaking services!

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Educate your students

  • Effects on education and employment.
  • The general risks explained.
  • Peer pressure and social stigma.
  • Inspirational stories of recoveries.
  • General stress and anxiety triggers.
  • Help and support avenues.

Inspire your staff & parents

  • Inspirational stories of past policing & coaching.
  • Addressing frequent comments and concerns.
  • Early detection and warning signs.
  • Action through positive reinforcement.

“Jude Leibel is a woman with a tremendous passion to make a difference in this world. Jude’s experience in the police force has given her a strong understanding of what happens when young people fall between the cracks and Jude has the skills to show them how to make better choices and fulfil their potential. Jude is a great communicator and what she has to say is of tremendous value to both young people and their parents. She has a lot to offer.”

Jeanette P.

“Perfect! How can we get in touch?”

Simply click the blue button below and that will take you to the ‘contact page’, you’ll find my details and little online form to also get in touch with me through here. If you think you know of someone who would be interested in chatting further, please feel free to include their details also.